About Us

Chindragon Jewelry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendant and Bracelets. The material of our products includes S.Steel, Titanium, Tungsten, Brass, Sliver and Solid Gold. We work with many designers from numerous Watch & Jewelry of International Brands and help them to make their designs into reality by providing a technical solution to achieve it. We are the Expert in Jewelry OEM & ODM services with our own Manufacturing Factory.Warmly welcome every customers to our company. Please feel free to contact us for any need. We will provide the best service for you.

"Confidence is what we sell"

ChinDRAGON is a fashion jewelry design house, we are passionate about jewelry design that can bring people self-confidence. Our vision is to provide you with excellent quality, affordable price and minimalist value. We combine the innovative and meaningful designs with unsurpassed customer service.

Our Mission

To Help You Live Better, Simplify Life & Boost You're Creative Confidence.


We present a spectrum of timeless, trendy jewelry and unique designer pieces of unparalleled quality, style and value that make a clear and sophisticated statement about the wearer.


Our in-house artisans design unique pieces for all to enjoy. Our expertly trained craftsmen handset the highest quality of materials and finishes. All designs are 100% hypoallergenic. A step above the rest, our commitment to you is a lifetime guaranteed of every piece.


Our designs are proper at all occasions, mixing and matching, travel, bridal…
and ChinDRAGON jewelry makes for a perfect gift!